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Product Code: Ma519
Alexander sword features

Overall Length: 68 cms - 26".



Sword of Alexander the Great

This sword is the officially licensed movie replica Dress Sword of Alexander the Great, by Marto of Toledo Spain, as seen in the Oliver Stone Film titleAlexanderstarring Colin Farrell as Alexander. With its short length, light weight and double-edge leaf shaped blade, this sword like many others of the era had the ability to deliver quick and devastating cuts, and deadly thrusts during close quarter cavalry and infantry combat. Forged from battle-grade stainless steel and rendered authentic in every detail to the actual movie prop, this beautiful sword features a hilt ornately decorated for the formal occasions of a king; with a beautiful brass weave encompassing the outer circumference of the pommel and guard while a luxurious wire chain wrapped faux ivory grip snuggles between. This museum quality blade marks an outstanding achievement in historical, theatrical and artistic design. The blade is stamped with Marto "M" Seal, Made in Spain Marto Toledo, and official Made in TOLEDO box stamp. Each sword comes with a Certificate of authenticity.

Alexander sword features


Overall Length: 68 cms - 26".

Blade: Tempered AISI 440 Stainless Steel , 24K Gold etched.

Blade Length: 48 cms - 19.1/4".

Handle: Zamak - 24 kt Gold and Silver plated hilt.

.Comes with wall plague for mounting and certificates of Authenticity.Each piece is individually serialized.

Conquest of the Persian Empire Alexander the Great 4th Century B.C. Alexander III of Macedonia, nicknamed Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia, Born July 21 of 356 B.C., (reigning from 336 to 323 B.C.), conqueror of the Persian Empire. Alexander the Great is considered to be the greatest political figure of antiquity, great military strategist (the first one of all, in Anibal's opinion) and creator of a work of great cultural importance. Alexander the Great is known as one of the most brilliant generals in history. Besides being a brave military man, Alexander the Great was planning his campaigns with great brilliance, since a very early age.

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full view image of Dress Sword of Alexander the Great officially licensed Alexander movie prop replica 519 by Marto of Toledo Spain

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