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Full Greek Armour Silver

Product Code: GRJSL02
Full Greek Armour Silver -Natural Size (adults) including the helmet



Full Greek Armour Silver-Natural Size (adults) including the helmet

The Greek armours

The Greek armours were made by bronze. It was the dominant material of the era. The Greek soldier was considered to be fully armored.

This Greek armour is made in steel and finished in bronze. The breastplate is made in solid, traditional design, although it is resemble sculpted and heavily muscled chests, mimicking the muscle armour that ancient Greeks wore to appear more heroic.

Our replica is superb, made out of 18-gauge steel. The armor is secured by metal pins and will fit chest sizes up to 48".


  • Made out of 18-gauge Steel
  • Ideally fits chest sizes up to 48"

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this item.

Ancient Greek weapons and armor were primarily geared towards combat between hoplites, armored foot soldiers. The most common combat formation was thephalanx, a massed shield wall, which required heavy frontal armor and medium-ranged weapons such as spears. ]Soldiers were required to provide their ownpanoply, which could prove expensive, however the lack of any official peace-keeping force meant that most Greek citizens carried weapons as a matter of course for self-defence. ]Because individuals provided their own equipment, there was considerable diversity in arms and armour among Grecian troops.

The poorest citizens, unable to afford the purchase or upkeep of military equipment, operated on the battlefield aspsiloiorpeltasts; fast, mobile skirmishing troops.

Weapons were primarily constructed from iron, wood and bronze. 


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