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Greek Corinthian Helmet Kid Size.

Product Code: COR002KD
Greek Corinthian Helmet With Beige Plume In Natural Size

Kid Size.

Material: Steel

Descripion: Hoplite-Corintian styled helmet.

Historical Period: 700 through 400 BC

Inspiration: These types of helmets are closely associated with the Greek Hoplite and Alexander of Macedon.



    Greek Corinthian Helmet With Beige Plume In Natural Size .

The Greek armours

The Greek armours were made by bronze. It was the dominant material of the era. The Greek soldier was considered to be fully armored.This Royal Corinthian Helmet is a stunning reproduction of the ancient Corinthians. It is fully wearable or makes for an impressive display. It features a genuine plume and brass fittings on the helmet.

Description :

The Corinthian helmet originated in ancient Greece and took its name from the city-state of Corinth. It was a helmet made of bronze which in its later styles covered the entire head and neck, with slits for the eyes and mouth. A large curved projection protected the nape of the neck.

Our replica is superb, made out of 18-gauge steel.


  • Made out of 18-gauge Steel

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Helmets for the infantry came in various types. The earliest standard hoplite helmet was the Corinthian helmet, developed around 600BCE. Later, this was replaced by the Phrygian helmetand Chalcidian helmet, which were lighter and did not impair the wearer's vision or hearing so severely. Helmets often had a horsehair crest, for decorative purposes and as an additional level of protection. The Boeotian helmetwas commonly used by cavalry troops due to their need for unimpeded vision and hearing. Helmets were mainly used for protecting the head but leaving the eyes, mouth and nose unprotected. 

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