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AGEMA - Hair Shampoo For Dry Hair

Product Code: Hair-Samp15-8116
Hair Care - Hair Shampoo For Dry Hair 200ml

Hair: The mirror to your freedom, your power and your… sensuality. Take care of your hair, reinforce your self-confidence, reverse and rejuvenate your usual image, turn loose and prepare for the new.

14,90 €



Hair Care - Hair Shampoo For Dry Hair

Natural cleansing – Energizing with “Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing”.
It cleanses, “locates”, “attracts” and removes substances foreign to the skin (pollutants from the atmosphere, make-up, toxins, remnants of gel, foam, hair spray). It regenerates, illuminates and restores the hair to its original “clean” state. It awakens, stimulates constructively, tones up circulation and makes the body feel as if it is “opening up” for action.
Its ingredients are real, absolutely natural, with no trace of preservatives. During a specialized procedure, liquid energized crystals that contain the Primeval element “Hair Elixir” are formed, to give the shampoo its final state.Frequency of use:
As often as you wish, even daily.
Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing contains the Primeval-energy hair elixir by AGEMA
Hair Shampoo – Energy Cleansing can be used by men and women alike.       



special_containerRemark: Our packaging from this particular soil-mud, preserves the products’ nature and energy.


AGEMA / Ancient Beauty Secrets, was founded at Ligos, Ioannina, in the region of Dodoni valley, surrounded by an intensely mystical nature with indigenous plants, traditionally considered to be gifts from the Gods. Its vital energy is interfused to and expressed by every life form in the vicinity, creating a perpetual, everlasting, natural energy source, thus selected as the location of the first, most ancient and for a long period of time, only oracle.                                                                    company_thumb_02  company_thumb_03       company_thumb_05

    Using the primeval procedures and recipes, our Ancestors received the powers and the full vibrating potential of the living beings that belong to the local flora, beings that harbor “clear information” and a prominent collective memory.   AGEMA was created to convey these natural – clear – energy gifts, with respect to and in union with nature and its laws.   Its primeval – natural – energy products are the pathway, the channel that connects Dodoni’s energy Source with your own unique self.

     AGEMA transmutes, transforms and projects the primeval structures of the ancient grandeur to our “modern”, “current”, “advanced” times of “here and now”… The price of AGEMA products refers to the value of the “natural” product. The eternal, inexhaustible energy emanating from Dodoni valley, is not a marketable commodity and as such it is bounteously given out to AGEMA’s friends.


The Dodonic method of preparing and activating products, is executed with a very specific set of recipes that uses ONLY natural energy resources from the area, the indigenous flora and fauna, plants in their wild form, rocks and minerals as well as other inorganic and organic material, all in specialized facilities within the Dodoni area.

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The production method’s duration, lasts 3,5 months (105 days) and is augmented throughout by natural forces of Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and specialized musical vibrations, until the products are ready for use. The ingredients are natural and do not contain preservatives.  Production occurs once a year, during a specified period depending on blossoming and climate (spring).  The placement of the used portions of the plants, occurs during the first 30 minutes of its removal from the ground, to ensure they are still alive.  Frequency of vibration changes for each stage. From the 2nd stage and beyond, frequencies are differentiated for women’s and men’s products.  Solar power is present during the extraction of our herbs, the entirety of the procedure is natural with no use of technology whatsoever, even for packaging.The outer layer of the packaging is dried and solidified specialized mud, so that the products’ energy is naturally protected. Afterwards, all the necessary decals and information are placed, in accordance with law, for the complete protection and advisement of consumers.

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