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Face and Body - Organic Vanilla.100ml

Product Code: E8ER-VANIL-8
Olive oil for face and body - BODY OIL WITH ESSENTIAL OIL VANILLA 100ml.

23,50 €


Product Description.
Body oil for after bathing, massage and aromatherapy. The organic olive oil ensures rich hydration, makes skin softer, nourishes with vitamin E and other nutrients the skin. Its rich and warm perfume of vanilla is utilized extensively in perfumery, is relaxing and gives a sense of wellness. Great aphrodisiac and soothing the emotions, soothes nervous tension and dissapointment. Deeply sweet and shrill, it touches all your senses. Product entirely natural without preservatives or other chemical substances. In dark glass bottle of 100ml.

Olive oil for face and body. Antonopoulos.

Olive oil from olives of biological culture with special treatment of export so that it has the attribute “ unheated – juice of olive “.
The olive-crop without leafs and washed and ground to traditional granite millstones. After breaking the paste remains for several hours in order that the oil comes out in the surface and dropped the “ unheated olive oil – olive juice “ without any heating or other mechanical process.
This is the real “ unheated olive oil “.
With this method we have received a product of high value as it contains all the phenols, antioxidants, vitamin E and other components of olive oil where they remain in perfect condition in the juice of  olive and contribute positively to human health.Product elixir, therapeutic, cosmetic.
Vitamin E and other *active ingredients contained in this olive oil, make it ideal for skin care and preservation of youth.
*active ingredients contained in extra virgin oil ( squalene, carotene B, A tocopherol or otherwise vitamin E, waxes, long chain alchhols, phytosterols and their derivatives, triterpinic acids and alcohols, phenols and phenolic acids ).

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