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Gift packs – Configurations

Product Code: SAP-OIL-1
Gift packs – Configurations - Wooden case with 1 soap from olive oil, 2 soaps with essential oils, 1 cylinder soap case, 1 bottle 60ml of organic olive oil

100,00 €


Product Description
Wooden case. Wooden case marked with logo on two sides. Indoor-outdoor. Contains 1 soap olive oil, 2 soaps with essential oils, 1 wooden soap case, 1 bottle of 60ml, glass, transparent with organic olive oil.

Soaps Antonopoulos
The attributes oil olive has for cleaning and care of the skin as well as the quantities of olive oil that we allocate, have led us in manufacturing and packaging soap pure olive oil, extra virgin quality low acidity. Alongside our faith in aromatherapy and engagement with essential oil made us to manufacture soap enclose along with the properties of olive oil and those of essential oils. The use of olive oil soaps has therapeutic and cosmetic attributes for skin that’s why we continue producing handmade with the best quality of olive oil and essential oils. The products are not tested in animals, there are bio-degradable and suitably for our daily use.
Aromatic Herbs
Oregano mountain “ organic wild collection “ and green mountain tee “ organic wild collection “. They were collected in the mountains of the area of Aitolokarnania in places with high altitudes. Intense perfumes and characteristics of the native vegetation and mountainous climate. They have no relation to cultivated plants.

Biological Olive Oil
The exceptional virgin olive oil of  biological culture is produced from our privately-owned olive groves with roughly 3000 olive trees as well as from certain selected people who produce oil where consciously apply the biological agriculture.
In our privately-owned presses we attend to produce this olive oil so that they reach all characteristics in perfect condition in our table. ( roughly mill, cold elision, export of 2 phases ).

Ancient Greek Products

2fili-leuko White dry wine
14,80 €
2fili-sinomauro Red dry wine
14,00 €
2fili-pinot-noir Pinot noir
18,90 €
ILIASTOS-RED Sweet Red wine
26,40 €
ILIASTO1 Sweet White wine
26,40 €

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