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Red akratos oenos, traditional pure organic wine 2011 3M

Product Code: ΒΙΟ-11-02 / OI16745
Red akratos oenos, traditional pure organic wine 2011 3M

Vintage 2011 – 14,2% vol. – 750ml
Organic wine with natural vinification without added sulfites preservatives, based on ancient pattern. Vinified traditional varieties agiorgitiko, roditis and savatiano of organic farming, from the highlands of Nemea and Kitheronas.

Place: Athens, Attica

15,00 €



Product Description

More than really Organic Wines…BIO-11-02_xakr-72
More than No Sulfites Added Wines…
…Ancient Greek Wines Helession!

The Organic “Akratos Oenos” of Helession is a high grade BIO red wine with natural and red vinification with wild yeast. Hasn’t been added sulfites preservativesor any other kind of additives, is 100% from grapes! There hasn’t been protein precipitation and is not filtered! Thus they passed to the body of the wine almost all antioxidants, polyphenols, resveratrol and OPC from the grapes. Has conserved since 2008 and every year is better!
The grapes that had vinified are from traditional varieties agiorgitiko, roditis and savatiano from organic farming, from the highlands of Nemea and Kitheronas.


Additional Information


Weight  1.5kg          Organic Akratos Oenos Wine No Sulfite Added 2011

       Akratos Oenos Helession is:

  • With Ancient Greek patents for Wine.
  • No sulfites Added (NSA)! Complete absence of chemicals! Unfiltered!
  • Multi-grade pure organic (BIO) wine (0° to 15° degrees).

The HELESSION, as one of the rightful heirs of this legacy of wine making, studying the techniques of our ancestors and exploiting current advanced technology, has revived the genuine Ancient Greek Wine.

We have thus an excellent innovative product, the “Wines of Helession” with a registered patent.

HELESSION is a quasi homemade wine of mature taste, rich in fruit aromas. It is a product of traditional variety Savatiano cultivated for thousands of years in Greek land. The specific selected grapes are exclusively of organic (BIO) agriculture. All of our vineyards thrive, free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They are deeply rooted, thus all substances from mother earth are readily accessible.

Thousands of years after the celebrated meetings of ancient philosophers and eminent men, we are able to enjoy the gift of the vine, in the same formula and with the purity of untouched nature.

At last! Again, genuine Ancient Greek Wine!

Be a part of the ritual…

The wines of HELESSION are:

  • Organic wine with no added sulfites or other additives, no precipitating, unfiltered!
  • Full of polyphenols, OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), resveratrol and all grapes’ micronutrients!
  • Multi-grade (from 0° to 15°). For all seasons! For the whole family! For all races! Even for those intolerant to sulphites!
  • Traditional and bottled!
  • Genuine Ancient Greek!

We keep creating wine types which consist a qualitative leap in the future!

The ancient Greeks had invented a brilliant, natural method to preserve and enjoy wine. This excludes the use of any chemical and/or toxic additives. The unique outcome was a high grade vivid wine which they called “Akratos Oenos”.

During their symposia though, they used to drink an amalgamation of Akratos Oenos with spring water or ice. So they prepared the wine strength according to their mood. The effect was long lasting. They could join the philosophical debates for hours with bright minds and high spirits concurrently!


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