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Noodles with dicoccum flour

Product Code: BIO-xil-bio1
Noodles with dicoccum flour BIOTROFOS 300 gr

Noodles with triticum dicoccum flour, eggs and milk BIOTROFOS 400 gr

Place: AG. ATHANASIOS, Thessaloniki

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Zeas Pasta

100% wholegrain of prehistoric cereal Zea, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals elements.The research showed that Zea contains 40% more magnesium than other cereals. Magnesium activates enzymatic processes of metabolism.It contains high levels of the amino acid lysine, which makes the pasta produced from Zea, particularly digestible. Zeia or Zea was a key component in the diet of the ancient Greeks.     

 pasta bio The Greeks did not eat bread made from wheat, they would rather give to the animals. They ate bread Zeia or Barley. And only in great need ate barley mixed with wheat. Some argue that the depictions of the goddess Demeter do not show  wheat, but Zeia. The ancient Egyptians also highly appreciate "graces" the grain, since according to Herodotus were manufacturing bread exclusively from Zea. The Alexander harbored the army only Zeia, to be men of healthy and spiritually developed. Zea is high in protein, fiber and minerals. It helps in the absorption of nutrients, suppress chronic inflammation and is thought to prevent the growth and metastasis of cancer. Contains basic amino acid lysine (Lycin) that enhances the immune system and is a key element in the biochemical function of the brain. Due to the large amount of magnesium makes the products produced from it more digestible. zeas productsThe products from Zeia is admittedly more palatable and certainly more nutritious.  Zea, is probably the oldest cereal of the world and it was a key component in the diet of Ancient Greeks. It features an undeniable nutrional value and it is no coincidence that the etymology of the ancient Greek word ¨ζείδωρος¨(zeidoros) meaning "life giving" comes from this particular cereal. Zea, is highly nutritious and contains important nutrients, which make it superior to other cereals. Zea is two times richer in dietaryfibre, in comparison with other wheat, a fact that makes it a good choicefor people suffering from diabetes. In addition, Zea is two times richer in protein and features a high content of the amino acid lysine and vitamins A, B, C and E. Lysine is that particular component of proteins that increases their digestibility, boosts the immune system and it is a key element for the brain's biochemical functioning. Another key advantage of Zea is its high content in Magnesium, up to 40% higher in comparison with other cereals. Zea, is not only low in gluten, a fact that makes it highly digestible but also the minute quantity of gluten found in Zea is broken down by enzymes so that it is absorbed by the human body. Moreover, Zea does not clog the arteries as flour from other wheta does. The cultivation of Zea seems to go back for more than 12,000 years, as revealed by excavationsin prehistoric settlements throughout Greece, and according to historical texts, Alexander the Great's soldier's would eat Zea, in order to remain strong and healthy.


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